14 cultural behaviors which are typically shown by low performance teams

High Performance Teams

Trust is the foundational aspect of every high-performance team. When trust is high between the team members the speed of work, team productivity increases and therefore costs goes down.

The opposite is equally true i.e. when is low the speed of work, team productivity goes down and cost increases.

Here is the list of 14 cultural behaviors which are typically shown by average / low performance teams.

1. Team members manipulate or distort facts.

2. Team members withhold or hoard information.

3. Getting credit is very important.

4. Team members spin the truth to their advantage.

5. New ideas are openly resisted.

6. Mistakes are covered up or covered over.

7. Team members are involved in blame game or bad mouthing others.

8. There are numerous meetings after the meetings.

9. There are many undiscussables.

10. Team members over promise and underdeliver.

11. There are lot of violated expectations for which team members try to make excuses.

12. Team members pretend bad things aren’t happening or are in complete denial.

13. The energy level is low.

14. Team members often feel unproductive tension.

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