Top 5 qualities of an excellent team player at work!!

Every Team Player Matters

Every organization relies on effective teams to drive it toward success. But what does being a team player really mean?

Well, the list of qualities one requires to be an excellent team player are many. Here is my take on Top 5 qualities of an excellent team player.

1. High self-worth and self-trust : To begin with, excellent team players know how to manage themselves. They have high standard for their work, and they keep all small commitments they do with themselves. This makes them reliable in their own eyes and then this behaviour gets transferred to other team members.

2. Flexibility: Excellent team players know that the people around them are also responsible and important for achieving the team goal. That’s why they are not dominant about their perspective. While they’re excited to provide ideas that may be helpful to the project, they’re able to keep an open mind & active ear when it comes to their personal viewpoints and incorporating the feedback of others.

3. Engagement: Engaged employees care about their work and about the performance of the team, of the company, and feel that their efforts make a difference. Excellent team players are highly involved towards company’s growth and success. They believe that simply doing their work isn’t always enough. It’s a good thing to take initiatives and be proactive.

4. Respect: Respect is earned but can be lost in a moments notice. Excellent team players know how to have fun, but they would never do it at someone else’s expense. They take genuine interest in others wellbeing. By lending a helping hand, they look for opportunities for other team members to grow and keep everyone accountable.

5. Communication: Excellent team believe in the power of active communication. Transparency is key on a team. No one likes to be blind-sided. When team members share information and everyone is on the same page, it could be the difference between the success and failure of a project.

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