Are you Output focused or Outcome focused ?


If you are thinking that what’s the difference or its one and the same, then you need to revisit and think deeper.

Output is the term used to describe activities. Outcomes are the measurable results that you hope to see after you have finished your outputs.

For example: Reading the book is output. Taking out learnings from them and acting upon them is the outcome.

Crafting employee engagement strategy is output. Increasing engagement by X% is the outcome.

Your focus will determine how productive and effective you are.

If you are output focussed, then you are just doing your job and completing your to do list. If you are outcome focussed, then you are taking responsibility for measurable results.

As a leader, If you are output focused then you will hold your team accountable for tasks completion and if you are outcome focused then you will hold your team accountable for measurable results.

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